Animal Control

Animal Control Solutions

The Morris Township Police Department utilizes Animal Control Solutions, LLC for all its domestic and wild animal issues except injured deer and dead deer pick up. You may contact Animal Control Solutions, LLC directly at the information provided to the right.

Covering some of the following services:

  • Pickup of stray domestic animals
  • Pickup of wildlife (i.e., bats in living quarters of home), including those injured and ill
  • Enforcement of animal humane regulations
  • Assistance with animal census and enforcement of state and local licensing and animal ordinances
Complete/ Detailed List: 
  • Dogs: Dogs running at large, pick up of stray dogs, injured dogs, dangerous dogs involved in a bite. 
  • Cats: Pick up of confined stray cats, cat trapping, injured cats, bite cases. 
  • Wildlife: Injured wildlife (No adult deer), orphaned wildlife, wildlife exposed to domestic pets, bats in living quarters of home. (We also offer nuisance wildlife to resident's for a fee) 
  • Pet Surrender: Refer residents to our office regarding surrender of their dog or cat 
  • Animal Cruelty: Refer residents to our office, we will forward the complaint to the NJSPCA. 
  • Livestock: At large, injured 
  • Animal Claiming: When resident's call to claim their pets please direct them to our office, not the kennel, so we can get all necessary information for the case prior to release.
Dog and cat bites are required by law to be reported to the local police/health department.

Animal Ordinances

Regulations and local ordinances for animal control can be found online.

  1. Thomas Dodd

    President Animal Control Solutions, LLC

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