Emergency Services Unit

The Morris Township Police Department recognizes the need of a specifically trained unit to address the needs that rise above the “normal” response from the Patrol Division. The Emergency Services Unit has been established to support members of the Morris Township Police Department with an enhanced response to incidents that fall within their responsibility. Unfortunately, as a whole, the World has experienced an increase in violent encounters, serious motor vehicle accidents, mental health problems and life threatening medical emergencies. In response to this, The Morris Township Police Department has taken a pro-active approach to combat these types of situations with the creation of the Emergency Services Unit. Each member of the Unit will be specifically trained in how to handle these situations in order to minimize the likelihood of a negative outcome and increase the chances of a successful resolution.

Emergency Services Officers

The officers in the Emergency Services Unit are selected based on their ability to perform under stress, firearm skills, level of experience and expertise and personal physical fitness. Each officer is trained in the use of tactical equipment and qualified in the deployment of various firearms and less-lethal devices. Emergency Service Unit members are equipped to respond and handle a variety of situations spanning from aggressive bear complaints to serious motor vehicle accidents to active shooter encounters. The Emergency Services Unit members must attend and successfully complete a variety of training courses that are specific to their job responsibilities. An example, is Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) School, which is 180 hours to complete. Officers also participate in mandatory monthly training. The Unit member can be identified by the display of an “Emergency Service Unit” Patch on his/her uniform and operating a marked patrol vehicle with “Emergency Services Unit” lettering on the rear windows. 

Emergency Services Unit Response

The Emergency Services Unit can be deployed to provide a response to incidents as defined but not limited to:

  • Advanced Medical - Serious ALS medical calls with life threatening conditions
  • Serious Motor Vehicle Investigation/Vehicle extraction
  • Active Shooter
  • Crowd Control
  • Terrorism response/prevention
  • Disaster Response (storms, flooding, search/rescue, missing persons)
  • Evidence recovery
  • Dangerous animal control/Bear response (requiring special handling or training)
  • Surveillance details
  • Weapon, ammunition, explosives recovery/surrender
  • Armed or violent offenders/incidents
  • Armed or violent suicidal individuals
  • Emotionally disturbed persons
  • Community Oriented Policing
  • Warrant service/search warrants/vehicle takedown
  • Special Events
  • Mutual Aid
  • Assignment specified by Chief of Police
  • Assisting the department training function