Stolen Property Forms

Victim of Theft

If you are a victim of a theft you must call our Communications Center at 973-539-0777 to have an officer begin a police incident report. The investigating officer will ask you to complete and submit a property form.

This form can be provided to the investigating officer, sent to your case detective via email, U.S mail, or dropped off at Police Headquarters. Please complete as much descriptive information as possible for the stolen property. We highly recommend you have documentation to support your claim in the form of photographs, receipts, or appraisals.

If you have any questions please contact the assigned case detective. For contact information, please visit the Morris Township Detective Bureau.

Lost Property

If you want to report property lost in Morris Township, and the value is below $500, you will be asked to submit a self report. This report is also used if you lose personal documents such as a driver's license, vehicle registration, etc. This report must be hand delivered to Police Headquarters to any police officer.