About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of the Morris Township Police Department is to consistently strive towards excellence, to enhance the quality of life in our community, to deliver effective and efficient services, to preserve our citizen’s safety and security as we endeavor to protect life and property within the framework of the United States Constitution while affording dignity and respect to every individual of our diverse community we recognize this all begins with our most valuable asset, our highly motivated, well-trained, and compassionate employees. 

Vision Statement
To provide the environment for the Morris Township Police Department that results in:
  • A reduction of crime and fear of crime
  • Maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved public confidence
  • Proactive law enforcement within the community
  • Personal and professional growth for employees
Message from the Chief
The Morris Township Police Department web site has been designed to provide our community with electronic access to our organization.  If you are looking for information about our agency or you are just browsing our web site, I hope your experience exploring our law enforcement profession is a useful and informative resource.
 - John K. McGuinness, Chief of Police