Skyline Sanitary Sewer Project

Application Information & Forms: 

  • Sewer Connection Procedures
  • Sewer Connection Ordinance – Regulations governing the requirements to connect to the Township’s public sewer.
  • Application for Sewer Connection – Permit application to be submitted by property owner or their contractor with the sewer connection fee and inspection fee
  • Sewer Connection Fee Payment Plan Application- Form authorizing payment plan for the sewer connection application fee. Form to be submitted with application for sewer connection.
  •  Certificate of Septic Abandonment – This form is completed by your contractor and submitted by them to the Township Health Department at the time the septic tank is abandoned.

Construction Plans & Details:

  • Skyline Sewer Project – This plan details the overall project limits and identifies which properties are to have a gravity connection or a pump connection.
  • Skyline Construction Plans – This document contains the full set of construction plans and has information on the location and depth of the sewer main to be constructed by the Township.
  • E-One Grinder Pump – The document contains manufactures information about the E-One Grinder pump that is being provided by the Township as part of this project.
  •  Construction Details – This document contains detail information about how the Township will be constructing the individual house connection points which will be located at the road right of way. Also included is a detail on the installation of the E-One pump.
  • E-One Grinder Pump Installation Instructions – This document contains pump specifications and installation instructions for the Simplex Grinder Pump Units, Environment-One Model DH071 that will be provided by the Township.
  • E-One Grinder Pump Sentry Alarm Panel – This document contains specification and installation instructions for the Sentry Simplex Protect Plus alarm panel as manufactured by Environment One Corp that will be provided by the Township.
  • E-One Warranty Extension – This document contains information about the 5 year warranty that can be obtained with an E-One certified installation.Residents are eligible for the 5 year warranty if their contractor becomes a certified E-One installer and has an E-One representative onsite for startup and to prepare the startup checklist. Contractors can contact Bob Kelly who is the Northern New Jersey representative for E-One at 267-625-7364 or the Regional Manager Chris Nedwick at 518-596-2186 for information about becoming certified and to arrange for the E-One representative for pump startup.
  • E-One Installation Check List – This document contains the E-One installation checklist to ensure installation in accordance with the manufactures recommendations.
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    Assistant Engineer

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    Secretary / Notary

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  7. Joseph Schwab

    Jr. Design Eng/CAD Op./Pro Mgr./Inspector

  8. Engineering

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As you are aware, the Township is in the process of constructing sanitary sewers to serve the residents in the Skyline Drive area. The Township contractor, PM Construction, has advised that they have encountered a significant amount of rock in some areas of the project. Prior to designing the project we completed soil borings to determine the depth, type and extent of rock along the length of the project. Based upon the initial borings we anticipated that the rock encountered would be rippable, unfortunately the contractor has run into some rock outcroppings between our borings that has proven to be unrippable. This has resulted in significant delays in constructing the sewer main using conventional hydraulic jacking and mechanical breaking of the rock. 

In the interest of expediency, PM construction proposes to complete fracturing of the rock using drilling and micro blasting. This type of fracturing of the rock is similar to what would be used for residents who need to remove rock for installation of a house foundation or pool. The rock fracturing will be completed in only those isolated areas where the depth of the rock is too deep for conventional mechanical breaking. The use of chemical expansion technology to fracture rock was also reviewed and concluded to be not as efficient for this application and type of rock encountered. The micro blasting is being completed J. Fritz Blasting and Excavating,

PM construction is in the process of identifying the extent and limit of those rock excavation areas. Once this has been completed, those resident within 200 feet of the rock excavation will be notified. The contractor will be performing pre-blast surveys of these properties to ensure there are no measurable impacts to residences. The contractor will also be completing seismic monitoring to ensure that all vibrations are well within regulated limits. These measurements are required to be submitted to the State. The pre-blast surveys will be completed by PROTEC. Additional information on what is done as part of the pre-blast surveys can be found on PROTEC’s website,

There are several YouTube videos available that my help residents better understand the type of micro blasting being utilized for this project.

Link is an example of blasting for a new road where blasting was used after rock fracturing using chemical expansion was insufficient to break the rock. The rock in this example is at the surface of the roadway. The rock that the Township will be blasting is a couple of feet below the surface of the roadway. The blasting methods the Township’s contractor will be using are intended to fracture the rock without any damage to the roadway surface. Fracturing the rock in this manner will allow for the removal of the rock with significantly less construction noise generated by mechanical jacking and hammering of the rock as has been done these past two months. Below are two additional examples of similar types of blasting used for rock removal.

10/21/19 Blasting video on Rolling Hill Dr:

Blasting for a sewer connection,

Blasting for a home addition,

Blasting adjacent to a school,

You may find answers to frequently asked questions about blasting at, Information about blasting vibrations can be found at,

Project Update: 


Proposed Construction Sequence


The contractor for the Skyline Sewer Project, PM Construction anticipates resuming work the week of 4/27. PM Construction maintains a healthy business operation, follows CDC requirements and guidelines, and is only resuming work because they can ensure a safe environment for both their employees and residents


No Work Scheduled for the wk of 4/6/20 

3/30/20: NOTICE:  

The contractor for the Skyline Sewer project, PM Construction, has advised they are halting construction this week 3/30/20.  This is due to limited crew availability as a result of required quarantine of some of their personnel.  The Township will review possible startup each week with the contractor.  The contractor will have some personnel on site periodically to continue to receive construction materials.  Please contact the Township Engineering Department with any additional questions.

2/28/20: updated contractors project schedule 

11/19/19 : contractors project schedule

10/21/19 video the Twp. took of micro blasting on Rolling Hill Dr: