2015 Current and Expired Bids

Bid #Bid Opening DateBid ProjectBids ReceivedAwarded to
QPA-1-2015Feb 11, 2015Instructional Youth Sports Class and Camp Programming
US Sports Institute
QPA-2-2015Feb 11, 2015Instructional Tennis Class and Camp
US Sports Institute
OTE: 2015-2March 3, 2015Butterworth Sewage Treatment Plant Sand Filters UpgradesBids ReceivedJEV Construction, LLC
OTE: 2015-1March 10, 2015Road Improvements Project -Fairchild AvenueBids ReceivedMidwest Construction, Inc
OTE: 2015-4April 9, 2015Spring Brook Road Phase II Improvements ProjectBids ReceivedM. Sky Construction Corp.
QPA-3-2015April 9, 2015Procurement of One(1) 2015 International Model 7400
4x4 Four Wheel Drive or Equivalent Cab and Chassis, Snowplow, Central Hydraulic System, and Hook Lift.
Bids ReceivedDeluxe International Trucks, Inc.
OTE: 2015-05May 13, 2015Drainage, curb, and Sidewalk Improvements at Various Locations 2015 General Services ProgramBids ReceivedM. Sky Construction Corp.
OTE: 2015-6
May 21, 2015Fire Department Backup Generators at Various Locations (Hillside Firehouse and Woodland Firehouse) RebidBids ReceivedPower with Prestige Inc.
QuotationsMay 13, 20156'' and 8'' Safety ShoesBids ReceivedMorris Plains Shoes
OTE:2015-3July 15,2015Butterworth Sewage Treatment Plant Control Panel ReplacementBids Received
QPA-5-2015July 15, 2015Procurement of one(1) 2016 International Model 7400 4x2 Two Wheel Drive or Equivalent Cab and Chassis, Snowplow, Central Hydraulic System, and Hook LiftBids ReceivedDeluxe International Trucks, Inc
OTE: 2015-7July 16, 2015Convent Train Station Paving ProjectBids ReceivedTilcon New York, Inc
QPA-4-2015August 5, 2015Swim Pool Improvement -Township of Morris Pool Renovations-Streeter PoolBids ReceivedRJR Engineering Co. Inc.
OTE: 2015-3 RebidAugust 12, 2015Rebid-Butterworth Sewage Treatment Plant Control Panel ReplacementsBids ReceivedLongo Electrical-Mechanical, Inc.
QPA-7-2015Nov 5, 2015Procurement of One(1) Current Year Crane Carrier LET-2 Twin Steer Cab and Chassis or Equivalent 31 Cu. Yd. Automated Side Loading Low Entry Refuse TruckBids ReceivedFoley, Inc.
OTE:2015-8Dec 2, 2015Road Improvements Project-Blackwell AvenueBids ReceivedMidwest Constructions Inc.