Community Policing Unit

The Community Policing Unit (CPU) is staffed by specially trained officers. The CPU strives to educate the residents of the community to better safeguard themselves, their families, and their property.


The Community Policing Unit is also responsible for improving the relationship between law enforcement and the community they serve, along with the following programs.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:Our Neighborhood Watch Program was established by the Morris Township Police Department in 1982. Citizens in a Neighborhood Watch group are organized and work together to make their neighborhood safer from criminal activity. Citizens work with the Police to prevent crimes and together to improve the quality of life in the Township of Morris. Crime tips provide valuable leads to apprehend criminals.

Citizens in a Neighborhood Watch group…

  1. Learn how to improve your home security and how to “target harden” valuables.
  2. Learn what “unusual activity” is, and how to report it to the Police.
  3. Become informed “eyes and ears” of the Police Department.
  4. Receive crime alerts; information you may not read in the newspapers.

How can I begin a Neighborhood Watch Program?
First, check to see if your neighborhood currently has one and if not please contact Chief Mark Dicarlo directly via email or call 973-326-7471 to organize your Neighborhood Watch today!

Active Neighborhood Watch groups in Morris Township (if you see the Neighborhood Watch Warning Sign in your neighborhood there is a program in place):

Butterworth Association
Dale Dr-Rolling Hill
Squirrel Run
Fairmount Ave
Springbrook Road
Featherleigh-Green Knolls
Spring Valley
Fosterfields Association
Wheatcheaf Association
Harter-Carton Road
Woodcrest Association
Laura Lane

Molly Stark

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