Where do I pay for parking?

Annual Permits are purchased at the Township's Clerks Office. Located at 50 Woodland Avenue, Morris Twp.(check only for payment) Meters are paid after you park your car and have obtained your space number. When facing the platform from the parking lot the pay stations are to the left. Excepts Master and Visa Credit Cards. Must use exact Currency: coin, $1, or $5 dollar bill. The machine does not make change or *refunds. Exact change only. * no refunds will be made for any amount under $10. Bring your receipt ($10 or over) to the Township Clerks Office or call 973-326-7430  for further information. You may also pay by phone: Use mPay2Park to pay-by-phone. Register online or download the mPay2Park free application. The initial registration takes only minutes, and once established a parking transaction takes even less time. There will be a $0.30 convenience fee for each parking translation. A days parking will cost $5.30 altogether when using mPay2Park. Visit mPay2Park's link.


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