Private Wells

In areas where there is no access to the municipal water supply; there are many individual private water supplies (wells) in the Township. Residents using water from private wells are strongly urged to have their water supply tested annually to ensure safe drinking water. Water testing can be conducted by the Morris Township Health Department. The cost of analysis varies and is dependent upon chemical tests performed. These results cannot be used for official purposes such as the Private Well Testing Act which is activated during a real estate transaction.
In March 2001, the New Jersey Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) was signed into law, and its regulations became effective in September 2002. The PWTA is a consumer information law that requires sellers (or buyers) of property with wells in NJ to test the untreated ground water for a variety of water quality parameters, including 32 of human health concern, and to review the test results prior to closing of title. Landlords are also required to test their well water once every five years and to provide each tenant with a copy of the test results.