Black Bears

New Jersey is home to all kinds of beautiful wildlife, including black bears. Black bears are getting a lot of attention these days for the wrong reasons. They're venturing too close to homes and into backyards looking for food. Bears that look for food near your home or in your yard likely have learned bad habits from people who feed them intentionally, or unintentionally, by carelessly leaving out food or garbage.

For your own safety, learn how to Be Bear Aware.

Don't Feed the Bears

People who feed bears think they're helping them, but it only invites trouble. It can make them a nuisance or even aggressive. When that happens, the bears must be destroyed to protect your family and your neighbors. What's more, it's illegal to feed bears in New Jersey. Anyone who feeds bears could face a penalty of up to $1,000 for each offense.

Taking steps to avoid attracting bears with food or garbage is the best way to prevent them from becoming a nuisance near your home.