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1. When are property tax bills mailed? When are they due?
2. Is there a grace period for property taxes?
3. What if I pay my property taxes through my mortgage company?
4. What if I receive an "advice only" statement, but do not pay my property taxes through a mortgage company?
5. What happens if I don't receive my property tax bill?
6. What do I have to do when selling my property?
7. When are sewer bills mailed? When are sewer bills due?
8. What happens with unpaid sewer user fees?
9. What are my payment options for my property tax bill and sewer bill?
10. Can I use "Bill Pay" from my bank to pay my property and sewer bills?
11. What if I am unable to make it between Office Hours of 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM to make a payment?
12. How can I get a receipt if I make a payment in the mail?
13. Where can I get information on the Anchor Benefit Program and Property Tax Reimbursement Program(also known as the Senior Tax Freeze and PTR Program)?
14. Are there notifications I can receive as a reminder to pay my Property and Sewer bill?