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1. How do I get updates from the Police about emergency information?
2. How do I report a crime?
3. How can I get a copy of a crash report?
4. How can I get a copy of a police report?
5. How do I start a Neighborhood Watch program for my neighborhood?
6. Where do I find information on Car Seats?
7. How do I report a streetlight outage?
8. How can I call the Police Department on a non-emergency?
9. Where is the Morris Township Police Headquarters located?
10. How can I talk to the on duty Police Supervisor directly?
11. How can I pay a motor vehicle summons I received?
12. Where is the Joint Municipal Court located?
13. How do I report a power outage in my home?
14. How do I report a problem with my water?
15. I have a problem with an animal – who can help me?
16. How can I get a Firearms ID card?
17. How do you get a Handicap placard for your vehicle?
18. Can I contact a police officer directly in reference to an investigation?
19. Where can I find the names of the Morris Township Police Officers?
20. How can I find out if there are any job openings?
21. How can I commend or thank a police officer?
22. How can I report a police officer? How can I file a complaint about a police officer?
23. How can I call to get legal advice on a matter?