Municipal Offices & Facilities Info

Our municipal team, including our Health Department officials, first responders (police, fire, OEM), and Administration – are working closely together to plan and implement best-practice local actions. We are in frequent contact with County and State officials to ensure that our actions align with CDC recommendations, with guidance and directives issued by the State, and with plans that are being coordinated at the County level.

Morris Township has implemented new guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety of our residents.

  • Business with the Township should be done by email, regular mail and/or telephone but if needed, public access to the Municipal Building, 50 Woodland Ave is restricted: 
    • Municipal Building will be open Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
    • Access to the Municipal Building will be through the middle entrance of the building 
    • Property taxes and sewer fee payments will be accepted in the middle entrance
  • All other public buildings in the Township (Water Pollution Control Utility, Police, Fire, & Public Works) will have restricted public access.
  • Property taxes and sewer fee payments may be made by mail, online, or in the drop box located outside the front door & eastside foyer of the Municipal Building. 
  • Building Dept. can be reached by phone or email. Inspections will continue but it is imperative to keep social distancing between inspector and homeowner or contractor. 
  • Open Public Records Request (OPRA): The Township Clerk’s Office will make every effort in replying to OPRA requests, however we may take additional time. If feasible please delay your request until absolutely necessary. The Township of Morris thanks you for your patience

Trash and Recycling & Other Collection Services

  • Trash and recycling will continue as scheduled, but most non-essential services will be cancelled absent an emergency. Please do not put extra trash outside of your trash cart. If you require additional pickups, please call: (973) 326-7398 or email:
  • Littering and improper disposal of germ-bearing items can undo our community’s efforts to contain viral germs, prevent the spread, and flatten the curve. So please properly and safely disposal of all trash items. (i.e. cleaning clothes, facial cleansing pads & cloths, facial tissues, latex gloves, used napkins, used paper towels, wipes, face masks, mop sheets, and personal protective equipment). View how to do so here or here

Parks & Recreation / Swim Pool 

Public Safety (Police, Fire, OEM, & Morris Minute Men)

  • As always, our police officers and firefighters are here to protect us. Additionally, emergency medical services continue to be provided by the Morris Minute Men. Our Office of Emergency Management is standing by should their services be needed. Our first responders are taking additional precautions when responding to emergencies to ensure their safety and the safety of our residents. 

Joint Municipal Court- located in Madison 

  1. Administration

  2. Building / Code Enforcement

    Phone: 973-326-7445/ 973-326-7446

  3. Engineering

  4. Fire Department

    Phone: 973-326-7435/ Emergency Dial 9-1-1

  5. Land Use

  6. Parks and Recreation

  7. Police

    Emergency Phone: 911

  8. Health

  9. Department of Public Works

  10. Tax Assessor's Office

  11. Tax Collector's Office

  12. Township Clerk's Office

  13. Water Pollution Control Utility

  1. Mailing Address
    50 Woodland Avenue
    P.O. Box 7603
    Convent Station , NJ 07961-7603