Traffic Safety Unit

Function of the Traffic Safety Unit

Traffic Safety is one of the primary functions of the uniformed Patrol force that is responsible for ensuring the safety of motorists traveling within the Township of Morris. Our officers handle numerous traffic related functions on a daily basis for example:

  • Motor vehicle crash investigations
  • Speed enforcement
  • Selective enforcement
  • DWI patrols
  • Disabled / abandoned vehicle investigations

Enforcing Traffic Laws

The Morris Township Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) is part of the Special Enforcement Bureau within the Patrol Division. The primary duty of TSU is the enforcement of traffic laws in order to reduce traffic collisions, their resulting injuries, and to facilitate the safe and expedient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These efforts result in safer roadways and streets, fewer fatalities, injuries, and reduces property damage.

High Collision Rate Areas

Officers concentrate their enforcement efforts in the areas with the highest collision rates within the Township of Morris. These efforts have proven to be effective in reducing the numbers of collisions in the Township. Additionally, recommendations and evaluations are made with respect to the following of local traffic issues: Local Ordinance regulations, parking, fire lanes, towing company compliance, traffic calming research, and impact analysis of future local development.


Speed, one of the leading causes of collisions, is enforced through the use of laser and radar devices. TSU also utilizes a speed display trailer and speed display signs in order to combat speeding and gain compliance with the speed laws of the state. The speed display trailer and signs are rotated throughout the Township to inform motorists of their speeds and serve as an educational tool.

More Responsibilities of the Traffic Safety Unit

The traffic unit is responsible for compiling data, providing research and developing recommendations on issues related to speed enforcement, traffic control devices, traffic engineering issues, education and other traffic concerns presented by the community. TSU administers several State and Federal funded grant programs including ‘Click it or Ticket’, ‘Hang Up, Just Drive’, ‘Over the Limit, Under Arrest’ along with programs supported by the Drunk Driver Enforcement Fund (DDEF)

Traffic Safety is routinely regarded as the Number 1 quality of life issue concerning the residents of the Township of Morris. This concern becomes more prominent whenever there is a traffic related incident such as a crash resulting in a serious injury or fatality. The Traffic Safety Unit along with the Police Department’s Administration strives to provide factual information during these times when demands for traffic calming measures and traffic control devices are tenaciously suggested by the members of our community.