Recreation League

This program is organized by the Morris Township Department of Parks and Recreation. Basic instruction in hitting, throwing, catching, base running, and the rules of softball for the beginning player are taught. Early season practice sessions are followed by games to reinforce skills with cross-town teams. Coaches are volunteer parents. Safety training is provided for coaches.

Please see our online Parks & Recreation Department seasonal brochure for updated information.

Minor League

Morris Township and Morristown girls in second through fifth grades are eligible for the minor league, which will meet every Monday from April through June. Rain dates are Wednesdays.


Registration opens on the last Saturday in January at the Parks and Recreation Office from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Team sponsors are welcome.

Morristown National Little League

The Morristown National Little League Girl’s Softball Division is open to girls ages 7 to 15 living throughout Morris Township and Morristown (no east / west division). The season is mid-March through June. We have all-star teams for the minor (ages 9 to 10), major (ages 11 to 12), and junior divisions (ages 13 to 14).

Based on little league national rules, 15-year-old juniors are eligible for regular season play, but not all-stars.