Building Permits

Plans that conform to the zoning criteria are approved by the Zoning Department which allows the property owner to then apply for building permits. In some instances this procedure is done at the same time where the property owner requests zoning approval at the same time the building permits are submitted for review and permit issuance.


All improvements on commercial or industrial properties are required by the State Municipal Land Use Law (Chapter 291, Laws of N.J., NJSA 40: 55D-1 et.seq.) to apply for board approval from the Township Planning Board. This also applies to minor and major subdivisions. During these reviews, the extent of improvements is provided on engineered drawings known as site plans.

The township reviews the site plans for conformance to zoning criteria (Township Ordinance-Chapter 95) and Land Development Conformance (Chapter 57). Once the site plan is approved by the Planning Board, the land owner can proceed with implementing the requested improvements after obtaining the necessary building permits.