District & Zones


The township is presently divided into 23 zoning districts ranging from 7,500-square-foot residential building lots (RA-7) in our older neighborhoods to three acre zoning (RA-130) in the westerly section of the township.

The business districts are divided into various office and laboratory zones (OL zones) ranging from five acre lots to 40 acre lots. The township also designates an industrial zone (I zone) in the Ridgedale Avenue area of the township and various townhouse zones (RG and RH zones) located throughout the township. The township also has five business districts (B-11 zone) throughout the township.


Based on which zone your property is located regulates the extent of construction / improvements that can occur on the lot. Each zone designation contains a list of bulk requirements which indicate the required front yard, side yard, rear yard, and combined side yard setbacks, and also includes maximum building coverage, maximum total impervious coverage, and maximum building height for each lot.

This information is found in Chapter 95, Attachment 095c-Schedule of Area Bulk and Yard Requirements. During a zoning review, the proposed plan is reviewed against the zone requirements for that zone. If any of the bulk zoning requirements are not met, then the zoning official / code enforcement officer needs to deny the application and either work with the resident, business, or property owner to either modify the plans to be in conformance with the zoning criteria or issue a denial letter directing them to apply to the Board of Adjustment for the relief to permit what may be non-conforming in their development plan.