Historic Preservation Commission

Each member serves a four-year term.

Carol BarkinC2023
Judith BlissC2022
Sarah HarrisA2023
Craig GossB2022
Erich Morgan HuhnC2022
Jean RichC2024
Charles SchmidtC
Patricia SanftnerC

Email member’s Carol Barkin and/or Charles Schmidt by clicking on their name. 

Our Mission

The Morris Township Historic Preservation Commission is a municipal body responsible for:

  • Advising the local Planning Board and Board of Adjustment on historic sites, structures, and districts within the township.
  • Heightening public awareness of our local historic sites and the benefits of historic preservation.

The commission meets once a month to review applications for building and renovation in the township and provide advice to the applicants and to the appropriate boards.

Our other mission is to educate residents of the township on the history of the township and sensitize them to preservation issues.

Read the ordinance establishing the Historic Preservation Commission.