Convent Train Station

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Three(3) Types of Parking at Convent Train Station:

Chapter 88 - Article III - Parking Meter Zones; Parking Permit Zones

1. Resident & Non-Resident Permit Parking

Annual Permits are purchased by check ONLY at the Township Clerk’s Office located at 50 Woodland Avenue, Morris Twp. If you would like a resident permit, please bring proof of residency. 

July 1, 20xx(previous yr.)- June 30, 20xx(current yr.) Fees

Type of Pass
Annual Permit Fee 

Permits purchased for less than a full year will be pro-rated. *Permits are for railroad commuter use only. It is further understood that a permit does not guarantee a parking space.

View a printable parking map.

Permit Refunds

Refunds shall be calculated on number of full months remaining, excluding the month of surrender, less an administrative charge of 10% of the remaining value or $25, whichever is greater.

2. Resident ID Tag Parking

Tags are available to residents, at no charge, who commute infrequently. A limited number of designated spaces are available near the platform, spots 1-25. A $5 daily meter fee must be paid. Resident ID tags are available at the Township Clerk’s Office, located at 50 Woodland Avenue, Morris Twp.

View a printable parking map.

3. Daily Metered Parking

  • Meters are paid after you park your vehicle and have obtained your space number. When facing the platform from the parking lot the pay stations are to the left
  • $5 per day (Weekdays, Weekends and Holidays included)
  • Must use exact currency: coin, $1, or $5 dollar bill
  • The machine does not make change or *refunds-exact amount only
  • *No refunds will be made for any amount under $10. Bring your receipt ($10 or over) to the Township Clerk’s Office or call 973-656-2187 for further information
  • Accepts MasterCard/ Visa credit cards
  • Not being able to find a metered spot will occasionally happen, especially on matinee days. Arrive early, not guaranteed a metered spot if you arrive later. Madison, Morristown, and Morris Plains are the next closest stations.
  • Overnight parking is available, payment is dependent upon the length of time you are parking. For example: if you are parking for five(5) days, at $5 per day you would pay $25 at the outset. $5 per day including weekends and holidays
  • Pay by Phone: Use mPay2Park to pay-by-phone. Register online or download the mPay2Park free application. The initial registration takes only minutes, and once established a parking transaction takes even less time. There will be a $0.30 convenience fee for each parking transaction. A days parking will cost $5.30 altogether when using mPay2Park. When an account is created you no longer have to initially deposit $25, and each subsequent parking transaction will then deduct from that initial $25(called "wallet pay") Direct Pay is now available, your card will be charged for every transaction (announcement).
  •  View the mPay brochure or mPay2Park’s website for more information

View a printable parking map.

Convent Train Station Parking Map

Convent Train Station Parking Map

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