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Posted on: August 24, 2018

Morris Township Needs your Help!

Fight the Bite

mosquito sample has tested positive for West Nile Virus, in the woods near Cory Road. The Morris County Mosquito Commission will be conducting additional sampling in the area and possibly limited spraying. This notice is for advisory and informational purposes. 

The Zika, West Nile, Chikungunya and Dengue fever viruses are all carried by infected mosquitoes. The best way to reduce the possibility of acquiring the virus is to reduce the mosquito population. All mosquitoes require standing water to complete their life cycle.


To significantly reduce the risk of acquiring these viruses you can survey your own property for mosquito breeding sites. By reducing the amount of standing water, we can reduce the areas where mosquitoes lay their eggs and develop into biting adults.

You can help by removing water from tires, birdbaths, stagnant swimming pools, kid pools, pool covers, buckets, cans, rain barrels, clogged gutters, wheelbarrows, tarps, garbage can covers, pet dishes, toys, and plant pots. You can also help by aerating ornamental pools or stocking them with fish, regularly cleaning and chlorinating swimming pools, and by using landscaping to eliminate standing water on your property.

You can make a significant difference by removing these sources, and have a dramatic effect on the mosquito population! Eliminating these sources of standing water can reduce the number of mosquitoes by the hundreds of thousands or even more. Mosquitoes can go from egg to adult in about a week during hot weather so it is important during this time to check for standing water on your property at least once or twice a week.


Check screens in windows and doors and repair if necessary.

Stay indoors at dawn, dusk, and early evening when mosquitoes are most active.

Wear long sleeves and long pants when outdoors.

Apply an EPA registered insect repellant. Read and follow label directions to ensure proper use. Be sure you understand how and what amount to apply. Apply repellants only to exposed skin and/or clothing. Do not use under clothing. You can find a list of EPA registered repellants at

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For more information please call the Morris County Division of Mosquito Control at 973-285-6450, or the Morris Township Health Department at 973-326-7390

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