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Posted on: October 16, 2017


Automated Recycling Collection Program

  • The Department of Public Works is implementing Phase two (2) of three(3) phases of the Automated “Single Stream” Recycling Collection Program – please view Phase two(2) street listing to see if you are selected for Phase two(2).
  • For each phase residents involved will receive a letter, street listing, and FAQ’s/ Phase two(2) letters were mailed out the first week in May. 
  • 2017 Phase one(1) / 2018 Phase two(2) / 2019 Phase three (3)
  • Week of May 14, 2018 , Carts will be delivered for Phase two (2) of our Automated “Single Stream” Recycling Collection Program
  • DPW will make every effort to provide you with the same size cart you currently use for trash collection.
  •  If you are in Phase two(2) and receive a cart that is not the same size as your trash collection cart or you would like to request another size please call 973-326-7398, email or submit an online “Request for Change in Cart Size”.
  • Week of May 21, 2018, Automated “Single Stream” Recycling Collection Program pickup will begin for Phase two(2). 

Automated -Single Stream- Recycling Program (1)

Dear Resident,

The Department of Public Works has selected your street as part of Phase 2 of our Automated Single Stream Recycling Collection Program.  During the week of May 14, 2018, you will receive your cart.  The carts are blue in color and are specifically for recycling. The Automated Single Stream Recycling Collection Program will go into effect Monday, May 21, 2018.  Our Automated Single Stream Recycling Program will make it easier for our residents to recycle. The new system allows our residents to now place all recyclable materials (bottles, cans, cardboard, junk mail, magazines, and newspaper) into one container to be left out for curbside collection. All materials, including papers and cardboard, must be placed loosely in the cart. Do not tie or bundle. A complete list of recyclables is available in your Municipal Calendar or on our website,

Each residence will receive a cart specifically designed for this program. There is no cost to the resident. The cart is the property of Morris Township and bears the Township logo as well as a serial number specific to each address. There are display models of these carts located at the Municipal Building at 50 Woodland Ave., and the Department of Public Works at 6 Jane Way, off West Hanover Ave.  We encourage all residents to view the carts at either of these locations.

A blue 95 gallon cart has been selected as the standard cart to be delivered to each residence.  This blue cart is for Recycling Only!  We will, of course, make every effort to provide you with the same size cart you currently use for trash collection. There are smaller carts available, but we recommend that each residence use the 95 gallon cart. If your property is registered as a two, three, or four family residence, you will receive additional carts.  If Senior citizens or residents with special needs feel the cart they receive is too difficult for them to maneuver, they should contact the Administrator’s Office or the Department of Public Works. There are forms available with which you may request a cart better suited for your needs.

Your recycling collection day remains the same; if your recycling is collected on a Monday, your collection day remains Monday; if it is collected on a Tuesday, it will remain Tuesday, etc.  Your trash collection will not be affected by this new program, so please continue to follow all guidelines in the Municipal Calendar and on our website as they pertain to trash collection.

It is the intention of the Department of Public Works to continue providing our residents with the same high level of service they currently receive.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at, or the Department of Public Works office at



Thomas J. Eschmann


Letter, Phase 2 Street Listing, & FAQ's
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